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About Cortus Energy

Cortus Energy was founded in 2006 with the objective to develop and market the breakthrough WoodRoll® technology. Cortus Energy is a cleantech company that is listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm, since 2013.






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Cortus Energy’s Business Mission is to: Provide cost effective renewable energy gas solutions for power, industrial and transport applications that are based upon the patented WoodRoll® technology.

The intention of Cortus Energy is to Build Own & Operate (BOO) the WoodRoll® installations from which generated energy products (syngas, power, SNG, hydrogen etc.) are sold on basis of long term supply agreements. However Cortus Energy is open to supply turnkey ready WoodRoll® installations and in the future to sell WoodRoll® on licensee basis.

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  • 2006 The WoodRoll® technology is invented and Cortus Energy is founded by Mr. Rolf Ljunggren that has a long and relevant experience from the gas industry
  • 2007 TGA tests confirms the WoodRoll® technology on a laboratory scale.
  • 2009 Successful tests of WoodRoll® in a 150 kW pilot plant. Awarded the title “WWF Solver”
  • 2011 A 500 kW WoodRoll® gasifier is built and successful tests are carried out. WoodRoll® is classified as “Beyond State of the Art” by several well-known consultancy firms.
  • 2013 Tests of all part processes: drying, pyrolysis and gasification in Köping (Sweden) confirming the WoodRoll® concept.
  • 2014 Start of upgrading the 500 kW WoodRoll® test facility in Köping to a complete and integrated reference and demonstration facility.
  • 2015 Successful tests at the fully integrated WoodRoll® plant (500 kW) confirming all parts of the WoodRoll® technology. Design of first commercial 6 MW modular WoodRoll® plant is initiated.

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The advantages of WoodRoll® are several:

  • It is a renewable energy solution which can replace fossil fuels in applications which has not been open to renewable solutions before (due to technical demands)
  • Fuel flexibility paired with the highest efficiency and a clean gas are fundaments to establish a profitable business case over the installation’s full life time
  • Produce a tar free gas which means the single largest cause (the tars) for low efficiency and availability is eliminated.
  • The gas is energy rich gas with a favorable composition to be further processed into other energy products such as: SNG, hydrogen and liquid biofuels.
  • The concept can be used for multiple applications, it is scalable and repeatable.

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