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The WoodRoll® technology is based on existing technologies that are combined into a new and innovative system which means a new ground breaking approach of how to gasify biomass in a fully integrated process.






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WoodRoll® is based on combining the three processes: drying, pyrolysis and gasification: These three processes are linked to each other while keeping them physical separated. As processes are separated the impurities can be separated from the generated energy gas.

The impurities leaves with the pyrolysis gas that is formed during the pyrolysis. The other part that is formed during pyrolysis is char, which is the part that is being gasified.

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In the gasifier the char powder is mixed with steam, heat is provided indirectly through radiation which enables the chemical reactions that form the energy gas. The heat is generated through combustion of the pyrolysis gas, simultaneously the tars are cracked into harmless components.

The gasifier concept is similar to the well proven technology used when gasifying fossil coal with steam i.e. a steam / char gasifier, with the distinct difference that WoodRoll® gasify a renewable coal!

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WoodRoll® is an allotherm process which means the heat (energy) needed to run the process is generated within the process itself. When combusting the pyrolysis gas heat is generated. The heat is utilized / recovered first at the gasification process which works at the highest temperature and then at the pyrolysis and dryer processes which works at lower temperature levels.

As the heat is recovered it results in the highest efficiency. Typically 80% of the energy from the wet biomass (moisture up to 45%) is converted into the generated energy gas.

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The picture illustrates the basic principles of the WoodRoll® process:


Video: Animation WoodRoll®

Video: Design Modular 6 MW WoodRoll®

Video: WoodRoll® reference and demonstration plant in Köping (Sweden)


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