During this past month we have started the pyrolysis process and produced the first char in Höganäs. The char is of good quality and can be further milled, screened and gasified according to our plan.

Generally, Cortus technology consists of three sub-processes:

  1. Drying
  2. Pyrolysis
  3. Gasification

Pyrolysis is the last sub-process to be put into operation, which means that all sub-processes are now in operation. The next step is to run them integrated and thus take a big step towards milestone 3.

“The fact that we now can run the dryer, pyrolysis and gasification in Höganäs means that we will soon be able to pass milestone 3 towards Höganäs. This will also make our prospective customers more confident in new business” says Rolf Ljunggren founder of Cortus