Pyrolysis gas combustion has been the focus during this month. A combination of dusting and unstable biomass feeding has kept us busy.

  • The biomass feeding system to the pyrolysis reactor has been modified. The results are a more robust and even feeding of dry biomass.
  • Sealings of inlet and outlet of the pyrolysis reactor are no longer an issue for availability.
  • Drying and pyrolysis has been operated simultaneously. 

It is imperative to resolve the issues related to flaring of pyrolysis gas to come to a steady state of operation. Even here the pyrolysis process dusting causes errors in the feeding system to burners and flare. These issues are the reason for not starting Milestone 3 (MS3), yet. It is also important to clarify that this is an upscaling problem which has never surfaced during thousands of hours of pyrolysis operation in the test plant in Köping before.  

An operational test cycle of the pyrolysis process takes about one week (heating up, operating, cooling down, evaluating results, performing certain change).  This lead time is holding us back. Over the month the issue has been reduced but without reaching the desired results yet.  

Processes ready for operation to MS3 today are drying, char produced, grinding, gasification, steam system and gas compression. The pyrolysis process and flare are lagging.

We are convinced that the issues will be resolved. The uncertainty right now is whether we will be able to control dusting and fIaring as they are, or if we need to add a ceramic filter to do so. If the ceramic filter is the only way, we will have a lead time in manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the filter. The actions right now are to try to find a workable way with the present process equipment to eliminate dusting and flaring issues.