Status testing in Höganäs December 22, 2020.

More tests have been conducted in Höganäs and we have achieved better performance and faster response in the dryer during longer cycles of operation.

The engineering work for particle separation is going forward as planned. Part of needed equipment is already ordered and under manufacturing. The work will engage several suppliers and contractors to the site and as a result we will need to shut down the plant for about a month. Until then we will of course use all available time for testing. All in all, this is needed to prepare for the integrated and continuous operation to follow after the reconstruction is completed and going forward towards the MS3 test. 

The cyclones are designed especially for high temperature of condensable pyrolysis gas with low density char particles. It has been a lengthy design work with several CFD-analysis (Computational fluid dynamics) and refining of the design together with an expert in the field of cyclones so that in the end, we have the best conditions for a successful particle separation forward.

We will use the time available in January for longer test cycles for the whole plant. This will be essential preparations for the MS3, and of course continue to report on progress for this in 2021.  Our aim is still to be able to start the MS3 test by the end of March-21.

With the above we would like to wish all our shareholders as well as partners, suppliers and future customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Håkan Sigfridsson, CEO