The historic year 2020 has finally come to an end. As the people of the world continues to hold a deep pandemic breath, and our economies are recovering from the worst economic shock since the great depression, vaccine programs are being launched all over the world at record pace.

At Cortus many valuable lessons to be learned from having gone through this crisis. One interesting learning is that great things can be accomplished much faster if relevant actors from all sectors come together and join forces in combating a common threat—the pandemic. This lesson—made in the context of a global health crisis—is as valid also to the climate crisis.

At Cortus we think this learning will be absolutely key in mobilizing and accelerating the global response to the climate crisis. We see promising tells for this:

  • 2020 is just two-hundredths of a degree cooler than 2016, the hottest year ever recorded. Can the planet be any clearer? More actions must be taken to reduce the climate impact!
  • The EU has lifted hydrogen (the main component in the Cortus gas) as one key solution to reach the goal of climate neutrality in 2050. The very energy demanding electrolysis is the only established technology for hydrogen production. Cortus technology is an alternative and less energy demanding process for production of renewable hydrogen.
  • The inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States took place on January 20. With him comes an ambitious plan for the climate. On his first day he recommitted USA to the Paris climate agreement.
  • An investigation about how and when fossil fuels will be phased out in Sweden will be presented in June and in July the reduction obligation within aviation becomes valid. Both events will increase the demand of green alternatives for the transport sector such as hydrogen, biogas and sustainable aviation fuel.
  • COP 26 UN Climate Conference takes place in November.
  • EU will negotiate the climate agreement throughout the year.

Welcome 2021, let’s join forces to solve the Climate Crisis!