Hydrogen is on the agenda as the key solution to solve the climate crisis. Cortus has a patented process for optimized industrial production of bio-Hydrogen, Green Hydrogen, from waste biomass since 2010. We at Cortus are happy to see the big potential in hydrogen.

EU published a hydrogen strategy in July 2020 to invest 470 billion € for the next 30 years. Fossil Free Sweden followed with a national strategy (in which Cortus was mentioned as an example of Green Hydrogen producer). As a next step, the Swedish Government has delegated a mission to the Swedish Energy Agency to further develop a general strategy for Sweden in order to implement and utilise the opportunities with hydrogen to facilitate fossil independency.

Green Hydrogen is either hydrogen produced through electrolysis of water with renewable electricity or hydrogen produced from biobased sources. Cortus technology, the WoodRoll®-process, transforms biobased sources (low-grade biomass) to green energy gas (syngas). Green Hydrogen is the main component in the syngas (59%). With a two-step separation downstream the WoodRoll®-process pure renewable hydrogen is produced. Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and Steam Reforming are two established technologies in the WoodRoll® Green Hydrogen process.

The European commitment to Green Hydrogen as well as the large investments available to build up an infrastructure for production, storage and distribution opens for new business opportunities for Cortus. Hydrogen production with WoodRoll® is a competitive alternative to electrolysis. Cortus way is chemical energy conversion not depending upon limited and costly supply of renewable electricity. The price on Green Hydrogen from WoodRoll® is within the EU benchmark for renewable hydrogen. CO2 pain is increasing in all industries by customers and not least the increased price on emission rights. One essential path towards utilizing Green Hydrogen as an energy carrier.

Cortus is paving this road forward with cost efficient bio-Hydrogen! 

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Engie Press Release June 2020