Cortus has got two orders for engineering and process supply for two gasifyers with burners and gas coolers/boilers to the German companies blueFLUX Energy and Holzner Druckbehalter. The gasifyers are combined with the patented blueFLUX upstream hydrolysis process. It is their two first commercial projects in Bavaria, Germany. Engineering work is started and the gasifyers are planned for delivery in Q1 and Q2 in 2023. The first ½ MW project is for hydrogen and the second 6 MW for substituting natural gas in heating furnaces in the brick industry with synthesis gas.  

BlueFlux energy has developed a new hydrolysis technology, for production of coal and steam from organic residues. For scaling and a fast market entry, blueFLUX Energy is now cooperating with Cortus and incorporating their WoodRoll® gasification technology into the process. With WoodRoll® gasification technology, Cortus Energy has shown how carbon from pyrolysis can be gasified in water vapor at high temperature to a very pure syngas. It is Cortus Energy’s unique technology that has now found a new application in blueFLUX Energy’s solution.

The parties are in negotiation for a licensing agreement for business expansion and coming projects.

”It is extremely gratifying that blueFlux Energy and Holzner Druckbehalter has selected WoodRoll® and Cortus as their gasification partner for their first projects and pipieline forward,” says Cortus Energy’s founder Rolf Ljunggren.

”Cortus’ unique technical platform gives us business opportunities that take the business forward and generate revenue already this year”, says Cortus Energy’s CEO Håkan Sigfridsson.

“WoodRoll® and Cortus is the right choice and combination for our hydrogen and energy gas projects where the WoodRoll® performance makes a big difference”, says Hubert Kohler CEO of blueFLUX Energy and owner of Holzner Druckbehalter.

About Cortus Energy AB

Cortus Energy AB develops and markets the unique WoodRoll® technology which gasifies biomass in a new innovative way that results in a number of unique advantages over all other existing gasification technology. With the patented WoodRoll® technology, Cortus Energy can offer green energy solutions for power, industrial and transport applications. WoodRoll® has great fuel flexibility, which means that the process can utilize low-value renewable fuels without compromising process performance. Cortus Energy currently has two WoodRoll® facilities, a test facility in Köping since 2011 and a commercial facility in Höganäs under construction with a planned start-up in 2022.

About blueFLUX Energy AB

blueFLUX Energy AG is a german high-tech company for the production of plants that process organic residues from agriculture, municipalities and industry efficiently and at competitive costs into high-quality energy sources green synthesis gas, green hydrogen, biochar, biomethanol and biomethane. The blueFLUX plant requires organic residual materials with a dry substance of approx. 30%. Whether sewage sludge from municipal sewage plants, liquid manure, chopped pallets or food or food waste with residues from plastic packaging – with the help of the patented plant technology any kind of organic residue can be converted into green hydrogen-containing synthesis gas.