After about 500 hours of operation, we stopped all tests in order to inspect heat-exposed parts. This after the first operation where the gasifier, gas cooler and auxiliary systems have been running at temperature (1100 °C) but with air, nitrogen and steam. The gasifier is now back in full operation for the first syngas tests, and we are following our plan for this to happen in March.

In parallel, drying of various fractions are tested for upcoming pyrolysis tests. Moreover, another result by testing and running the plant is that we get to know the process on a full scale while we train our new employees.

We had a visit from our customer Engie in early March. They sent a delegation of eight people consisting of both engineers and business executives. This is to drive the project towards the goal to build a plant in south west France.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances today, with the Corona pandemic, we now have visitor restrictions. This in accordance with the authorities’ guidelines. In all other respects, we take precautionary measures.