November 6, 2020

After two months of testing the pyrolysis process, we have not yet been able to fully solve the problems related to particle build-up in the pyrolysis gas pipes. The pyrolysis process generates some finely ground char (carbon) which then accompanies the pyrolysis gas into the pipes. The finely ground char causes two problems; it builds up deposits in the pipes and it complicates a controlled combustion of pyrolysis gas in the process.

We have managed to reduce the amount of finely ground char by making adjustments in the pyrolysis process, but in order to start the verification of our next milestone,  Milestone 3 (MS3) in a safe and controlled manner, we need to further reduce the amount of char .

The solution we have developed, together with our suppliers, is based on separating out the particle fraction with cyclones before it ends up in the pyrolysis pipes. This solution also allows for the collected char to be returned to the process and we are confident that it will solve our problem. 

Focus is now on establishing the technical conditions for the solution by analyzing operational data. We will also have a simulation of the circuit carried out.

In order to assess the start of MS3, a time plan is now established for implementing the improvements. The plan will be communicated when all information is available. Meanwhile new tests are underway in the pyrolysis and gasification processes.

We know that many people follow the developments in Höganäs with excitement and we will therefore publish more frequent updates on our website. We feel strong support from both our customer in Höganäs and other potential customers in the work we are doing to overcome the last obstacles before we can start MS3 verification. 


Håkan Sigfridsson, CEO