Green energy gas (syngas) to Höganäs AB has been produced and delivered to the demonstration furnace.  This was the main testing activity completed before the stop for reconstruction. On February 2 we achieved the goal and Höganäs received renewable syngas for the first time. The results from the test were good and of value for both Cortus and Höganäs AB in continued tests for demonstration.

Before implementing the test two important steps were required: inerting and odorization of the piping system to Höganäs AB. Inerting is done in order to achieve a safe, inflammable and non-reactive atmosphere. Odorization is required for safety reasons in order to all personal to have a recognizable smell if leakage of syngas occurs (syngas is odourless).

Parallel activities, such as the 24 hours test, were cancelled to avoid the risk to not accomplishing the gas delivery to Höganäs and created a stronger value towards the coming milestone 3 (MS3) test.

One week of operation with the dryer was completed according to plan before the syngas delivery test. Additional pyrolysis operation with good result was finalized to verify full functionality of changes of the feed-in system to the pyrolysis reactor.

The plant has now been shut down and the work with the reconstruction has started. Due to Covid-19 extra precaution is required to assure a safe working environment. In order to minimize the time of plant shut down the work with the reconstruction will proceed 7 days/week.