Over the past months we have come increasingly closer in our efforts towards reaching Milestone 3. The dryer is successfully producing dry biomass for testing in the pyrolysis, while the gasifier and boiler systems are standing by to operate. Consequently, we feel confident in achieving 7 days of full operations without stop producing pressurized syngas in the near-term.

Although continued operational progress, we have encountered issues in our final safety system, the flare, during pyrolysis testing. Our skilled Swiss supplier with decades of experience of successful implementation of flares worldwide, is assisting us to resolve the problem, which will be completed within the next days.

The flare is an important safety system as it is the last resort for produced pyrolysis gas and syngas if the gases are not utilized. The safety of the operators, process and the plant are always the highest priority. So, while we have the dryer, gasifier and boiler systems fully operational, the safety issue must be resolved before initiating Milestone 3 in a fully controlled manner.

Once the safety problem is resolved we are ready to start the Milestone 3 test. It is at this very moment not possible to give an exact starting date, but we are close to, and when starting the test confident to successfully complete the task.