From March 1 we strengthened our engineering team. Mats Gartz is a dedicated and experienced leader for development of individuals and team.  

Mats has a Master of Science in Metals and Metallurgy and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economy with specialization in Entrepreneurship. He has worked at AGA for 20 years with combustion, development, metallurgical applications and change management. He has experience within process and production management from Ovaco. His latest position was as Senior Sales Project Developer at Adven.

What made you interested in the position at Cortus?
WoodRoll® is a fantastic innovation and a green technology. The challenges along the road have been many but Cortus has always solved the problems with an admirable diligence and organisation. I want to be a part of the continued journey. Cortus stands for innovation, change management within energy and revolutionizing green technology.

How will you contribute at Cortus?
I have a wide experience within business, technology, project and change management. My main contribution will be to create opportunities for development of individuals and the team. I have many years of experience of managing innovative engineering teams, where everybody gets engaged, can contribute and are given opportunities to grow as individuals.

What drives you?
Honestly, I’m driven by the energy that arises when individuals and a team succeed. When co-workers successfully complete a challenging project, share a fantastic presentation, solve a difficult problem you can feel the passion and fire among the individuals. That is the award you get for good leadership.

Håkan Sigfridsson, CEO: I am very happy to welcome Mats to the Cortus team with his unique combination of leadership skills and technical knowledge. Håkan Sigfridsson, CEO