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We do it in industrial scale, on a global market, for future generations.

Steel Industry




Cortus was founded in 2006 with the vision to revolutionize the energy market with new green technology. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm since 2013.

Cortus business idea is to replace fossil fuels and chemicals with renewables. We do it cost-effectively, on an industrial scale and on a global market. Our mission is to help our customers in their transition to renewable production.

We are 30+ employees representing several different nationalities and speaking more than 10 languages. We have a very skilled team with top level expertise within engineering, process, operation and project management. Our common driving force is to reduce the climate impact and contribute to a sustainable society!

The society is very dependent on fossil fuels, and almost everything we do has a carbon footprint. Our natural resources are running out and we need to go from linear to circular use. The negative consequences of our fossil dependency are obvious and a transformation into a fossil-free society is urgent.

Cortus has the solution for transforming the fossil dependency into independency. We do it by closing the loop and converting waste into renewable energy!


Cortus has developed a solution for replacing fossil fuels where it is most needed. The solution is based on existing technologies that are combined into a new and innovative system. A ground breaking approach of how to gasify biomass in a fully integrated process.

Waste is converted into renewable fuels to reduce the carbon footprint in climate intensive sectors, such as the steel industry and the transport sector.


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